New York State Tournament of Dance
July 8-11, 2004
Congratulations to all of our participants ...
You did a beautiful job!
(click on star for pictures)

Broadway Baby - 2nd Place Silver
Zoe Bourdette, Erin Dubots, Kirsten Frisbie,
Karissa Gurnsey, Allison Letizia, Teresa Stutts
(Small Group Tap)

Dancin' On The Green - 1st Place Gold
Zoe Bourdette
(Open Solo)

Itsy Bitsy - 2nd Place
Megan Allis

Jenny From The Block - 1st Place Gold
Mariah Allis
(Hiphop Solo)

Steppin' Out - 2nd Place High Silver
Allison Letizia
(Tap Solo)

Summertime - 2nd Place Gold
Jennifer Conz, Valerie Ervay, Katie Jamieson,
Patty Kelly, Erica Wilson, Michele Wilson
(Small Group Lyrical)

Teach Me How To Shimmy - 2nd Place Silver
Mackenzie Bailey
(Jazz solo)

The Old High Reel - 1st Place Gold
Erin & Melissa Dubots
(Open Duet)

NYSTD Pictures
If  anyone has pictures from the NYSTD, please bring them in and
we'll post them on this page! Thanks!